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Only Revolutions

Only Revolutions - Mark Z. Danielewski This should have been a short story. As a 360 (har har) page novel, it was painfully redundant. Not just because it's essentially the same 180-page story told twice from two hardly-differing perspectives, but because both narratives keep cycling over the same thing. Sure, maybe that all works with the 'revolutions' gimmick that Danielewski goes hogwild with here, but unfortunately it doesn't make for a good book. And that's just the thing : the gimmick begins to wear thin after the first two 8-page sections. If it had been, say, a 24-page short story of three sections each, I probably would have enjoyed it. Or if he had changed up the gimmick some throughout, as a breath of fresh air now & then. Danielewski just tried to do too much with too little. One star for a couple of fun phrases here & there and one star for effort.